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May 17, 2014 / avonwithelaine

AVON list of lip balm uses

Who’d have thought that a tiny tube of lip balm could be so useful!
Save money on other products and stock up on lip balms.

These suggestions were compiled by customers and reps, and not endorsed or promoted by AVON.


  • Mix lip balm with AVON eyeshadow to make a cream eyeshadow.
  • Nick yourself shaving? Dab a little on to stop the bleeding.
  • Blowing your nose due to allergies or a cold? Use a cotton swab to apply lip balm to your nasal membranes.
  • Rubbing lip balm on your face protects the skin from windburn while skiing.
  • Rub a little on the palm of one hand, rub your hands together, and smooth it on your hair to remove static.
  • Help prevent car battery corrosion by smearing some on clean car battery terminals.
  • Rub it along the teeth of a zipper to make it zip smoothly.
  • Remove a stuck ring by coating a finger in lip balm. The ring will slide right off.
  • Nails and screws rubbed with lip balm will go into wood more easily.
  • A little lip balm will keep the ends of a moustache waxed together, and keep bushy eyebrow hairs in place.
  • Rub lip balm over a leather shoe and buff with a dry, clean cloth for a shoe shine in a pinch.
  • Apply to the casters of drawers and windows for easier opening and closing.
  • A line of lip balm along the hairline before colouring your hair keeps the dye from staining your skin.
  • Apply a tiny bit of lip balm to lightbulb threads or sockets and the lightbulb won’t have any problem screwing in or out. (Just make sure you don’t get any on the bottom.)
  • Coat the first few feet of your fishing line with lip balm to help keep the line from sinking.
  • Use the empty lip balm container to hide your paper money. Roll it up, put it in, and put the cap on.


Avon Sun+ Lip Balm






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