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About me and my Avon business…

I signed up with Avon in July 2009. I hope to use this page as a source of information for you to find out what’s up-and-coming in Avon, to view product information videos and to give you a chance to get in on some occasional specials.

Here are some things you might not already know:

  • As of Campaign 11, 2013, reps can no longer backorder. The date on the book is the expiry date.
    When the campaign ends, all special sales/promos expire with it. Different reps will have different due dates. I’ve posted my due date/time on each Brochure links page.
  • If you want to order online, you will need to register on the new, revamped Avon website.
    Fill out the information and then you will be given the option to choose a rep by name or phone number, or to have one assigned to you.
    You will then have the option to have your order delivered to the rep (who will then arrange to get it to you), or you can have it delivered directly to you. The order will be sent to a rep who will either accept or reject your order. If accepted, the rep will let you know how much you will have to pay for the order which will include a $6.95 shipping fee.
  • Both the (Canadian) and (U.S.) sites carry many of the same products.
    The American site allows for Customer Reviews. I often check there to see how popular a product is.

Check back regularly for updates and enjoy your visit.


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